Who are we?

Type Media 2016 is an internet marketing blog site. We have created this site to share our knowledge and experiences with internet marketing. Here, we will share lots of useful tips, information, and advice on how you can develop your digital or Internet marketing strategy. We will help you maximize your chance of claiming higher ranks on search engine results pages (SERPs). Aside from it, we will also teach you about analytics, how to use marketing data, and many more. So, subscribe to this blog site to stay updated on our posts every day.

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Our vision is to be an on-the-go internet marketing blog site option by many people. And to make this possible, we will keep on updating and posting helpful blogs, tips, and advice for everybody. We guarantee that all these blogs will be valuable and helpful to you especially in achieving your goal and reaching success.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help and educate lots of people about internet marketing. This is because we want to help everyone achieve their goal in life and be successful. So, we will keep on sharing our knowledge and experiences to help and inspire lots of readers.

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Our team consists of hardworking and successful individuals. We are here to write and share our knowledge and experiences about internet or digital marketing. This is to help everybody improve their marketing strategy and achieve success in the business industry. After all, our team love to help everybody in navigating marketing on the internet with more confidence and knowledge. So, keep in touch with us and keep on reading our blogs and advice to benefit from it. Keep in mind that we are here to provide a blog that offers up knowledge and experience with an in-depth explanation.

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